Saturday, March 22, 2008

it moved

This is the equivalent of bicycle masturbation.
For me anyway.

Gonna be a big group for the AZT ride this year.
Coach and Hammah are back for more.
Gnome and Randini are coming down from Flag.
Flodizzle will be joining us somewhere around Lemmon.
Gonna be a good time.
I wonder how many miles that frame bag has seen. Still works pretty well
and nothing compared to what Mike did to his current set-up.


Sean said...

Awesome, I'm jealous. Do the new additions know they need to get those matching bivys?

YuriB said...

Dunno. I just told em to bring extra lube and an open mind.

Troy said...

Bag Balm is way better for open minded activities!
anyhow... Add tRoy and Blair to the AZT300 Flagstaff crew! We will be sporting single-speeds. My bike is gonna look funny starting in a 22x19. I plan to "shift" gears around Patagonna, Tucson, Lemmon and Oracle...