Sunday, March 16, 2008

red mountain epic

Jeffro and Flodizzle made the trip up from Tucson
to ride with the ex-pats. Passs Mtn took it's toll
in the form of a smack down and cactus pants.
I love this ride: Hawes, Twistsed Sister, Wild Horse, Pass Mtn, Hawes.
Hurts so good.

The wild flowers were amazing.
The most abundant I've ever seen.

Flo breaks out his fleshlight.

Pass Mountain takes it's toll. We weren't sure if the ride was gonna end with a hike
or an air evac. Tumbling down boulders is a bad idea, Mmmmkay? Luckily Flo was able to ride out.

Cooper got all Amores Perros con Cactus.

Recovery at 4 Peaks.

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