Monday, March 03, 2008

pima path

Coach and I headed out early for look at refining a loop.
We got pretty close - the Scottsdale Air Park sits right in the way is problem.
84th St. from Shea to Thunderbird is an awesome little connector.
If nothing else we have a sweet route to Rock Bottom Brewery.

It was damn early when I left for Granada Park

Too early in fact so I killed time stretching and being narcissistic.

The Scottsdale waterfront is morphing

Into something.....

These are cool but about 2 stories too high.

84th Street

Reach 11

Toted the Burley baby sling 9 miles home.

Hit some trail.

Took a shower and went riding again.

Put the baby sling to work.

A great day

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devin said...

I may have to stop reading because I need want and can't get there looks like to much dam fun. You rode right past my in laws home. Keep up the good work and enjoy the sun..