Thursday, November 17, 2005

i hate puking

nasty sour taste. the smell. dry mouth. sore abs. promises of never drinking again.
i can only imagine how fun it is for a 3 year old. but the little man did me proud.
I had no idea he could puke so much. he is a natural born puke-a-sarus.
poor kid. got all my talents.
week and a half until the flight of the pigs. i'm not recognizing most of the names of the registed other than the usual supects and mr. nadler. i'm dying to see him ride his fixie on national.
cooper has pledged to come - another partner in crime. i had an awesome time at last years ride. rex - i'll have a frosty one for ya at the end.
nothing like a unsanctioned event.
like this one being swizzled in tucson. i'm gonna need to take the pedals off the fixie and put them back on the ss after happy hour tomorrow. my name is yuri and i've been neglecting my ss mtb....
in fact the agua caliente has me thinking again about the need for another unsanctioned event in the valley. beuler? beuler?

Aw shit, they're at it again
Pray for Bush - no really
Last of free(ish) speech or as some surly bastard said "It's only free press when you own one"

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