Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what to do with 226 hours

vacation hours that is.
I was thinking I would ride my bike from Mexico to Utah on the Arizona Trail.
Sound like fun? Hell yea it does.
This has been in the hopper for some time now and the window is roughly 5 months from now.
I got the idea from Scott Morris and Lee Blackwell ( strangely enough I met Lee doing my first endurance ride (Tubac 50) some 8 years ago and as training we did the copper creek ride which is a staple of the soul ride 100. small world. they did a warriror version of the AZT.
i found myself getting ancy again after Scott posted about racing the AZT on the route establised by Andrea Lankford and Beth Overton
I'm copying most aspects of Scott and Lee's ultralight methods. Bivy and and a bag. cold food. ect.
i guess what I'm trying to say is that work sucks ass right now and I'm taking a mental vacation to my ride until I can physicallly do so.....
ride your bike

Thu - bikes and brew happy hour. yaay

serious bike skillz
Finally, a sticker to prevent the elf from setting my h2 on fire
JC's girls

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travass said...

JC's girls is Hot. Nothing like a saved girl.

Oh - I would be down for a unsanction Upside event - only if it goes by TT's road house in scottsdale.