Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Summit of the people

To think I almost didn’t ride after I got home. Tired from a big ride on sat and door instillation on Sunday and the whopping 15 flat miles to and fro work. Wife called and says two things “..nice out…” and “..I just figured you’d ride..” .
Brain to self “hey asshole, why ain’t ya riding?”.
OK. Shaddup brain.

And now for something completely different….

You know it’s a summit of the people when dubya is the outcast and presidents and sports heroes lead the protests against him. That's my kind of party!

And speaking of things being underplayed down south, former president of Peru was arrested …Under a longstanding international warrant, Mr. Fujimori, 67, has been wanted on charges involving 21 violations of human rights and acts of corruption committed during the decade he was in power.”

And if you haven't heard Damion "Jr Gong" Marley or Matisyahu yet, you need to.

Check out Hoss' stuff - cool. I mena hot. jeez i'm a dumbass

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