Thursday, November 03, 2005

Saving face

or how to tell the royals from across the pond they can't go to New Orleans.
Yea, rupugnants like to say ray nagan blew it but he was just one small local guy (who blew it too) and we got this whole beaucracy (I thought repugnants hated bigger gubbermint - oh wait they do unless they can plant their sycophants in top levels as rewards - "...heck of a job browie!") called FEMA, that is supposed to know something about disasters.
And yea, the repugnants in the Senate aren't trying to cover anyone's asses.....
Jeezus, is anyone paying attention to the utter incompetnece and corruption of this administration?
Apparently not.
If they were we'd already be at impeachment hearings.
But there is hope.

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