Sunday, November 27, 2005

squeal like a pig

10th anniv. congrats Jim.
another great ride. Thanks.
My kinda day. 70 miles with friends on bikes. Then beer.
Cool new headbadge from Hoss (now I gotta powder coat the Kona)
random shit:
Becky was the 1st girl to do it SS
Hair like sampson - looks like delila
thanks to the safway boyz from tucson
Mark and I watching some guy stack on the catwalk.
1st broken bone.
rudy (and a flagger) on fixies
just a good all around awesome time.
sure felt easier this year.

Give the shrub a brain

Imagine the American big businesses making the CEOs accountable and giving appropriate consequences instead of sacrificing the little guys and rewarding the the turkeys on top....

at the $1000-a-Plate Fundraiser for Sen. Kyl (the vile) Monday, November
24th Street and Camelback in Phoenix
4 pm -- 6:30 pm
4:00 pm Rally 24th and Camelback
5:00 pm March to Kyl's Office and the Biltmore 6:00 pm
Candlelight Vigil
Whether it's the criminal war on Iraq, rape of the environment,
corporate tax breaks, attacks on senior citizens, or torture, Senator
Jon Kyl has been a willing accomplice of the Bush administration and
corporate greed.
This is YOUR chance to Stand Up and Speak Out while the President is in
For more information go to call (480) 894-2024 or e-mail


Anonymous said...

Im glad i could add a little humor to your ride. -in reference to watching some guy stack it on the catwalk

this (the catwalk) was the big triangle we rode around?
obviously im from a different state

Yuri said...

the big triangle would be hunts tomb and i'm sorry i missed that.
the catwalk would be the trail above the road on south mountain before you dropped down to the road and began the hike a bike up to the 2nd half of south mtn.