Sunday, October 07, 2007

cue sheet

Ze hammah and Coach met me at the munchkin's soccer game this afternoon.
From there we headed up to Reach 11 and over to Scottsdale to finish the cue sheet for
It was an AWESOME day to be outside, as if ma nature was blessing our ride.
Hammah and I spent some time documenting the new route that removes some 6ish miles of road.
As we neared the equestrian park we both thought we heard a scream and other assorted strange sounds. We passed a newish gold malibu with a teen standing very suspiciously and by the driver's side and someone in the passenger seat. It just didn't smell right so we doubled back and were greeted with FU's and and a 50 mph exit of the parking lot. Crazy kids.
Our work was done so we hauled arse to Sonora Brewhouse for food and libations.
Pic from der hammah.

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