Sunday, October 21, 2007

cherry poppin roofie droppin

Them T-town boys haven't really tasted what the McDowells have to offer.
Trashy and I did a little Leavee, Paradise, Natural, Lost Dog Wash, Quartz, Sunrise action and then back down. Tasty stuff.
I gave trashy a Hammer e-tab and told him it was a roffie after he took it.
Now Trashy can preach the gospel and he has only seen less than 1/3 of what there is.
Can I get an amen.

Thanks fer gettin me outta the house yo.


devin said...

is that the stuff off 124th ? looks more burned in nice.......Have fun and smile..oaumltmk

YuriB said...

Yup.Well Sunrise is off 124th. We started over by Bell and Thompson Peak Pkwy. I blame the roofies for a lack of a smile but that ride did give me a shit eatin grin.