Monday, October 29, 2007

pv nuclear century

Palo Verde Nuclear Century this weekend.
Put on by GABA. Flat, smelly and fast.
Well, fast until we had to turn around and go into
the headwind for 50 miles and being that I don't like
to draft with folks I don't know I went it alone and paid the price.
Still had a good time and managed to finish in 6.5 hours fighting cramps towards the end.
Not the most scenic ride ever but certainly interesting.
Manure, road kill, fertilizer, rubber.

Out to the Estrellas early.

I've never seen a BF tandem

Welcome race fans

What is this plant?

Cotton. Do you know Arizona's 5 C's?

Someone scraped all the volcanic rock off this hill. Dumbarse.

Big green trucks were uber courteous. Very impressed.
This guy was moving very slow
to avoid a sketchy pass.
I wish I knew the company so I could
let them know and give them props.

Oh the smells...

Upside down is close to upside out.

Another lake?

And WTF is this?
I say "fail"

They don't call me Salty fer nuthin

I thought it was a bit warm but damn...


gnome said...

Good pics man.

YuriB said...

copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, climate.
copper, cotton, cancer, crystal, climate?