Thursday, December 22, 2005

beginner class

can somone please teach me how to fucking ride a bike?
or at least not get ridden by one?
twice in one week fer crissakes
I had my stiches removed at 9am, crashed at 2 and ripped it all back open. lucky for me the surgeon was cool and i avoided 3 hours in urgent care.
doc corn rocks.
don't worry aaron, yer bike has nary a scratch since it was cushioned by me.

gee, does this shit look swolen to you?

no. which is why this shit happened today.
today was a more painful to finish the ride with.
feels ok now. might be the alcohol.

but shit.
i got good news.
spoils my whole theory that the holidaze sux.
these show up in the mail.
crank brothers rock. thanks ya'll.

and then this showed back up
fresh from powder coat

good wholesome family fun
before the debauchry

my latest 29er test ride
same bitch that bucked me off today
friday i'll show her the way

I dunno. travaSS' rig had a geometry that suited me better. doesn't mean the vodoo isn't sweet. i need to get some specs on the frames and figure out what the deal is. maybe i'm just all pissy/sally from getting waxed on the rigid.
i think maybe i just need to pay more fucking attention.

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