Monday, December 12, 2005

breakfast bagel ride

off to aj's for bagels and coffee.
it was bit chilly but not too bad and nice on the ride home.
the wife wants to ride in the burley next time she says.
no way.
ride that bike more.

this last one says it all

just say no to apathy

Food for thought from pops:

people seem to remember only Dec 7th, but with declarations of war on us by Germany and Italy three days later, try and imagine the mood in our country - besieged on both side by warring nations seeking nothing less than complete world domination. No WMD fantasies, we were truly attacked from all sides and needed to go to the aid of our besieged friends and allies in Europe and China.

You can understand now, why your 17 year old grandpa sought to join the Navy that very week and was frustrated when they told him to come back after he got out of high school (6 months away). Your grand Uncle Jim was taken at once into the Army, but because of his straight-A grades was sent first to the War College in Washington, DC

And with the storm in Europe now on both our horizons, the deafening drumbeat of war taking their sons away, imagine a bereft (if proud and resigned) great-grandma and grandpa watching their sons go down the front steps, knowing that neither one might ever come back up those steps. And in their tiny village of South Range, Michigan there were to be boys who would never have the chance to become men except briefly, in the brutal crucible of war.

Damn shame that now sons and daughters are dying for such bullshit. Again, read this
and fucking stand up.

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