Wednesday, December 07, 2005

tempted by the fruit of another

tempted but the truth is discovered
what's been going on
now that you've been gone....

i've been dreaming about 29ers - en espanol
for the $$ involved in a dos niner - I'm having second thoughts on an aluminium relative.
steel or ti now
i'm a bike whore with bike envy
traviss lent me his rig tonight
it was great
ran into beck on the trail on her rig and rode and chatted for a bit
me and the rig needed time alone so we said adieu to beck
sorry traviss - i'll hose yer bitch off - i swear
yea, 29er in my future for sure
p.s I told yer bitch about the new ho - serves you right for taunting me

it was a nice day for a commute too

but it was fucking cold this morning and even worse after the ride tonight - could not feel my toes when I got home.
Lucky for me I was prepared to amputate

And in other news the inagural unsactioned event is shaping up.

The Dyn-o-mite Overnite

Feeling stupid? Can you carry gear for an overnighter? The weekend of Jan 14th is rapidly approaching. Should be a good stoopid time. Contact me if yer innerested. Camping, biking, incindiary devices and alcohol will be manditory. More of a reconissance this time but if all goes well......
Cheers fuckers!

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Anonymous said...

I'm moving down to Phoenix next week. I'm looking for riding buddies and am definitely down for some riding and camping.