Monday, December 05, 2005

strip show

After three mud fests (the OP last year and the AZT this spring and the tour of the white mountains) the shitty paint job on my Explosif was toast.
Tomorrow she heads out for powdercoating.
Apparently you're supposed to maintain bikes or some shit. I generally just break and replace but I dig the true temper ox platinum tubing and want to keep this frame as long as I can.
Lets just say this has been an edu-ma-cation.
The frame has cancer (rust from the inside out). Not too bad yet but not good either. After powdercoat it'll be getting the framesaer treatment. Maybe this is old news to you that live in wet areas but not to me.
And then there was the seatpost. Holy fuggin shit. It took no small amount of chemicals, brute force, pleading and crying to get that fucker out. cut my hand too dammit.
not sure what color i'm going with yet. i'm not overly concerned with asthetics. function over form on this one.
The other Arizona "C" - cancer

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