Sunday, December 11, 2005

explosives are your friend

no, really.
if used properly or for sheer entertainment.
reconissance for the dynomite overnight went swimmingly.
a good ride too.
we lost beck towards the end but she out-foxed us. we backtracked and tracked her and found that she picked a much better route. she was ready to leave by the time we made it back to shock central.
i need to spend more time out there. some serious potential and places to go that most moto don't.
the reconissnace down at the lake revealed a bald eagle breeding ground. pretty cool. and I found the dino-burner could do some impressive stuff (good thing too cuz i'd have been screwed).
but bad news for those involoved - we can make it but it ain't gonna be any fun. plan b time.....

peep my new capris (knickers) from hypnotic design - they fucking rock so far. the wait was worth it. just wait for next thursday's canal crit. i be like canal crit like key be to lock.

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