Monday, December 19, 2005

man know thyself

i went to tucson and all i got was hurt.
my limbs my liver
it all hurts
hurts so good
inagural ss ride of any consequence sucked.
just kidding - that was fun as all hell.
up the road and down mille
bars on bikes tres was a good time
kinda like a circus
except animals smell better and don't act like
...well fucking animals.
limped back to kleenix with a bruised body and two broken bikes.
time heals all wounds.

1st stop

whose brilliant idea was it to ride at 6:30 and 26 degrees? fuck

and after I was done with the shop vac

the bush pusher summed it up nicely:

nice work, gentleman. nice work.
my liver is working overtime and my digestive tract is on strike.
damn those beer dogs and that jamaican stew.
damn those pitchers of bass for tasting so good.
long live the tandem. may a worthy stoker always be at hand.
fuck the cabana boy and the polka dot girl.
"my name is dave, douche bag."
holy diver-

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